SOT Hochhaus · Zagreb, HR

In April 2010, the contribution by AJF Architects for planning of new headquarters for the companies Zagreb Montaža d.o.o. and Dalekovod d.d. has been chosen the best in an open competition. The challenge of this task of architecture competition was the creation of a building on a relatively small, triangular site – a building that on the one hand shall represent both companies independently and on the other hand has to comply with the master plan requirements, which allow only one building envelope. The new headquarters is designed as 29-story-high building that combines two staggered elliptic structures. Those elliptic structures are merged in the lower stories, whereas they tower as individual buildings from the 21st story upward. The glass envelope is designed as double-façade to allow natural ventilation on all floors. Moreover, the double-façade serves protection of the integrated blinds against wind, thus guaranteeing thermal efficiency all over the year.

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