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The internationally-active architecture office Anin·Jeromin·Fitilidis & Partner in Düsseldorf was founded in 1994 and has specialized over the past years in high-quality function buildings. Here, the architects particularly focus on preserve handling of fossil fuels. Thus, we have increasingly developed and realized power supply systems with regenerative technologies for the different projects, what led to several project awards.

Ante Anin

founder and CEO

born on February 03

Architectural Studies in Wuppertal, Germany

diverse architectural offices

since 1994
associate partnership with Stefan Jeromin in Düsseldorf, Germany

since 1998
partnership with Stefan Jeromin and Dimitrios Fitilidis

Dimitrios Fitilidis

founder and CEO

born on March 31

1981 – 1988
Architectural Studies in Düsseldorf, Germany

1989 – 1998
diverse architectural offices in Düsseldorf, Germany

since 1998
partnership with Ante Anin and Stefan Jeromin

Sven Blau


Born in 1971 in Mainz, Sven Blau studied architecture at the Technical University in Darmstadt between 1993 and 2001. While still attending university, he started gaining his first practical experience working at architectural firms, including Stefan Forster’s in Frankfurt. Between 2001 and 2008 he worked at the Düsseldorf “Petzinka Pink Architekten”. Starting out as a design and execution planner, he later became responsible for large-scale projects in a managerial capacity. In 2009, he assumed the position of location manager at the Cologne office “KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten”. Under his direction, the company realized various large-scale projects including projects for which the company was commissioned as general contractor. Since July of 2011, Sven Blau has been a partner at the architectural office AJF.


Peter Maerten


Born in 1966, Peter Maerten studied at the University of Wuppertal between 1990 and 1994. After graduating, he worked at several different architectural firms. After joining our office in 1997, he became a partner at the architectural office of AJF in 2001 and has been a major contributor in the design and execution of several award-winning projects. He specializes in project execution and management as well as the coordination of teams involved in the realization of administrative buildings, focusing sharply on finding innovative ways to improve every detail and utilize renewable energy.



Preise und Anerkennungen

BDA Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2006

Architecture + Technology Award 2006

Contract World Award 2006
3. Preis – Kategorie Office

Hypo Real Estate Stiftung für vorbildliche Gewerbebauten 2004
1. Preis – “Bestes Officegebäude 2004” in Deutschland


AJF team · since 1998

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Range of expertise

Our urban development services include concept studies for the purposes of framework plans, master plans, as well as project and development plans. We consult with investors as well as public clients in the run-up to their investment decision in an effort to find the best possible decision from an urban development and socio-economic standpoint. Our services at this stage of the project include location analyses that take into account the framework conditions already established under planning and building laws. Our urban development plans lay the groundwork for the land use planning proceedings and the procurement of planning permission.

Office profile

Founded in Düsseldorf in 1994, our office has been operating at an international level and, over the years, come to specialize in high-quality function buildings. We set ourselves apart by our superior level of innovation and creative expertise. The numerous awards we have won for our projects testify to our accomplishments in this area. We interpret architecture as a set of complex tasks to which we need to find the perfect solution. Essential to our approach is the dialog between partners we maintain with all parties involved in the project, as it helps us develop solutions for our clients that are both comprehensive and customized to their specific requirements. Working with us as members of interdisciplinary teams, our partners during the planning stage start focusing on the aspects of ecological sustainability and technical innovation as soon as they produce the first plans. One aspect that is front and center to our work is the responsible use of fossil fuels. To keep fossil fuel consumption at a minimum, we primarily engineer and implement power supply systems with regenerative technologies.


Project planning – renovation, restoration and conservation of existing structures

Another focus of our work is the sustainable and economical handling of existing properties that are past their prime. We subject existing properties to a thorough examination (technical due diligence) and develop concepts for their sustainable future use based on economic, functional, energetic, and requirement-oriented aspects. At the same time, we illustrate how these properties can add value when developed further as part of dedicated projects.

Facade renovation – facade planning

The external envelopes of countless venerable properties no longer satisfy today’s requirements in terms of user comfort, energy consumption, thermal insulation, tightness, and environmental compatibility. Worse yet, a large number of facades have to be categorized as harmful as they have a direct negative impact on the health of human beings. Facade planning for both new and existing properties is another distinctive competency of our office.

General contracting services

As we assume responsibility for the overall planning including all architectural and engineering services, we are the client’s main contact and contractual partner. Eliminating the need to involve additional parties in the planning and the contractual relationship, we streamline the work process to a significant extent. We deliver a service that is not only comprehensive to the core but also offers optimized quality at all stages – starting with the drawing, through the planning, ending up with  the construction itself.

Innovation and product development

If projects require a significant amount of innovation during their planning stage, the element of innovation can give rise to the development of new products. Especially in the areas of technical building services and the completion of the building’s interior, innovation frequently breeds highly customized and advanced solutions. The projects we have completed so far have given birth to a plethora of innovations. (Shading devices, geothermal energy, horizontal fire protection bulkhead in the area of staircases, etc.)


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