Reifenhäuser · Troisdorf, D

The building complex operated by Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik is made up of a string of production and warehouse buildings including the multi-story headquarters building from which this global player and market leader coordinates their international business. The high-rise occupied by headquarters personnel was completed in 1974. AJF Projekt GmbH was commissioned to draw up initial concepts for a step-by-step restoration and remodeling of the building while still in use, thereby bringing the building up to today’s prevalent standards of technology and design. The first phase of the project revolved around the restoration and transfiguration of the basement floor as well as the redesign of the first floor – to which the Reifenhäuser Group attached particular importance – and the installation of the latest HVACR equipment necessitated by this overhaul. The successful partnership between builder and architect earned AJF Projekt GmbH a follow-up commission that involved the restoration and remodeling of the client’s corporate complex in Troisdorf.

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