Papenbreer · Erfurt, D

The completely restored business house of the Frankfurter Vermögens-Holding is situated in bettermost location in the pedestrian zone “Am Anger” in Erfurt, Germany, amidst a field that has evolved over centuries. The listed Art Nouveau building dated from 1897 has been warily enlarged by a new building. The Art Nouveau façade with its oriels, gables, and opulent decorations had been guyed separately and the whole interior of the ramshackle building had been removed.

The redesigned building is used by a clothing store for high-quality men’s fashion. The company sets a high value on individual presentation to emphasize their house as brand. High-quality materials and a pure interior design shall communicate to the customer quality awareness as corporate philosophy. The fashion store extends over a total area of 2,800 sqm over three floors from basement up to the 1st upper floor. We have picked out the joint between the old and the new as a central theme. This is the area for a three-story-high cavity with a glass bridge on the upper floor allowing a view over the entire area. Together with the internal vertical circulation the cavity sets up separation and at the same time connection. The open galleries give an ample impression and allow the customer easy orientation.

Interior organization is base on a simple and clear concept. The house presents three different fashion worlds – each on one floor. Each fashion world has its own materials and identity. Floorings from natural Jurassic stone, maple, carpeted floors of natural hair as well as furnishings from wood, steel, and aluminum give an individual effect to each of the three fashion worlds.