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Trilogy in glass for Zagreb
Competition’s decision for office and hotel ensemble

Verdispar d.o.o., the subsidiary firm of a Norwegian financial fund announced the winner of the open competition “Savska Tower” on a press conference last week. The competition aimed at creation of high-quality office, conference, and hotel areas on a triangular site of 5,400 sqm in prestigious location at the southern approach to Zagreb. The winner’s design was planned by the Croatian AJF projekt d.o.o. – a subsidiary of the German office Anin · Jeromin · Fitilidis & Partner in Düsseldorf. They planned a distribution of the desired floor space of 40,000 sqm over three buildings interconnected via a two-story high base. The impressive building complex shows three heights – 10 stories for the hotel, 13 and 17 stories for the office buildings – plus 5 underground garage levels and shall be accessed via a prestigious square located at Savska Cesta one of the most important shopping and office streets in Zagreb. This building complex of high recognition value resulting from a high-quality equalization of façades will enrich the urban structure. Deliberate renunciation of traditional blocks leads to a high degree of natural light inside. A conference and entertainment room, that allows flexible division, is the essential part of both base stories. Furthermore, the base stories accommodate hotel gastronomy, lobbies, shop and exhibition areas. 21 architecture offices took part in the competition.

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