Madaus · Köln, D

The former premises of Madaus AG in Cologne’s suburb of Merheim have been converted into a new residential development named “Merheimer Gärten” (Merheim gardens). The mix of residences and buildings was specified by the awarding authority in consultation with the City of Cologne. Arranged at the periphery of the area, the four-story, multi-family homes have been erected as ribbon developments, while smaller building structures loosen up the green, traffic-calmed inner areas. Facing in North-South direction, the apartments offer their inhabitants the best possible ventilation and lighting conditions (open floor plan). Seated on a parking garage base, sweeping terraces on the first floor extend the interior to the exterior, while the two upper floors are furnished with recessed balconies that are 2 m deep and arranged in front of the south-facing living quarters along their entire width. The pent-roofed stacked story is adorned with sun terraces. The white plaster facade is superimposed by a fair-faced concrete frame structure that is designed to accommodate the recessed balconies.

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