Infinion · Beleke, D

The new building projected by Infineon has been planned as a two-story construction. It is comprised of a compact semi-basement, which offers an exceptional facade-to-floor space ratio thanks to its interior laboratory spaces, and a u-shaped structure that encloses an expansive rooftop garden. The open layout of the upper floor and the uniform arrangement of the workstations around the rooftop garden create a work environment that encourages communication and boosts productivity. Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the workstations in natural light and contribute to a pleasant work atmosphere. The modern stylistic elements combined with the façade skin showing metallic luster are expressions of the “high-tech” products manufactured by Infineon. The image this new construction is supposed to convey to the beholder is that of a company that is on the leading edge, transparent, open-minded, and self-confident.

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